Welcome to SOLUSI PENERJEMAH a sworn translation office providing professional translation services for the community. We are professional translation office in :

Sworn language translation
Certificate translation
Deed translation
SKCK (Police Clearance Report) translation
KK (Family Card) translation
Birth certificate translation
Death certificate translation
Notary deed translation
Financial report translation
Environmental impact assessment (Amdal) translation
Company profile translation
Verbal translation/Interpreting

We are certificated sworn translation office for official document translation who are ready to help you and are always giving you the best. We guarantee our translation to be accurate in accordance with the field and terms used in each category.

Sworn Translation Service
Why should you trust your document translation services to professional and certificated sworn translation office? Because the content of your documents is confidential and is not allowed to be acknowledged by public.

We will guarantee that if you use our translation service, the content of your business document will be safe; its confidentiality is guaranteed because we are professional translation office with certificated and sworn experts in translating various languages in accordance with the business fields.

Language Translation Service
We are ready to help you in translating :

  1. English
  2. Arabic
  3. Japanese
  4. Mandarin/Chinese
  5. Korean
  6. German
  7. French
  8. Dutch
  9. Italian
  10. Spanish
  11. Portuguese
  12. Russian
  13. Vietnamese
  14. Thai
  15. Malay

Why should you use translation service from our office?

Because we are certificated sworn translation service office confirmed by embassies, and we always work professionally in document translation and verbal translation (interpreting) to our clients or translation service users. You will also receive free consultation and warranty on each sworn document translation service. Warranty to all document translation service will be given to translation service users in terms of errors (mistakes in names and numbers typing) in translating your documents. We are experienced in translating various types of documents with different levels in difficulty. We also have a number of permanent clients, personal or corporate, who have given their trusts in their document translation services.

If you in need of translation service, whether it is sworn or not (see the difference between regular translation and sworn translation here) contact us at 021-71261516/021-97886416, experienced certificated translation service office with authorized Office that you may visit our Office at Komplek Bier No. 1B Menteng Dalam, Jl. Dr. Soepomo – Tebet Jakarta Selatan 12870. The map is available here, and we use official email by our own domain, info@solusipenerjemah.com for your data security.